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Maurice Sklar

On Wednesday, August 4th, 2010, at about 10:30 AM, an angel came into
my bedroom, I had just awakened. He said to me, "I am sent from the
Lord to bring you to heaven. You must now come with me. Take my
hand." So I did. Suddenly, I was in the spirit realm. We ascended
out through the ceiling of my home and shot up into the air like a
rocket. As a looked down, my house rapidly became smaller and
smaller, until I could only see our neighborhood, then only the city,
and then the outlines of the west coast of California. Soon we were
in space and I watched the earth grow smaller and smaller. Then, as I
looked out ahead of us, we were moving so fast that the stars became
like long streaks of light disappearing into a point in the horizon in
front of us. Then, I saw a planet approaching that looked very
similar to the earth. The angel spoke, "This is the planet Heaven."

We descended into the atmosphere and soon I could see that we were
over a huge mountain range. It was covered completely with snow for
some distance to the north of us. We finally landed in a spectacular
valley surrounded with high snow capped mountains on every side of us.
The air was crisp and clean and I smelled a beautiful fragrance
carried on the gentle breeze under a bright and pleasant sun. I
looked around me and on the side of the mountain we were at the bottom
of was just covered in violet, red, pink, and yellow wildflowers. It
was breathtaking! Such vivid colors and clarity. The nature was so
gorgeous that I nearly fell to my knees in front of the angel. But,
looking at him, I realized that this was not appropriate right then.
He pointed in a direction to the west of us, (I think), and said,
"Let's go and see what has now been prepared." We walked for some
distance. I was in awe as we approached a large lake that was fed
from the snow of the mountains above by a huge waterfall. As we got
closer to it, the roar of the water was deafening almost, but sounded
like an orchestra and choir singing at the same time under the roar.
That is as close as I can describe the sound. It was making music!
As the sun hit it, it would reflect all the colors that I had ever
seen like a rainbow in spraying water in the sun, but there were many
more colors that I had not seen before also. I was struck in
amazement. But, the angel made me turn away and continue walking.
Soon I saw a large white tent "city" of sorts. It was right along a
plateau at the edge of the lake overlooking the mountains. At first it
didn't seem so large, but as we approached it, I realized it was very
big indeed.

It had twelve tent pavilions; each with a white cone that went up at
least ten stories high. On top of each "cone" was a flag that the
angel said was a flag for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. The
angel said, "This has been prepared for those of the Bride of Messiah
from the twelve tribes of Israel that are about to be released to
minister in the final hour. This is part of the wedding supper that
only those who are worthy may attend. These are those that loved not
their lives unto death.

As we entered into the tent of Benjamin, I saw many tables that were
at least a hundred feet long. Each was lavishly set with gold
cutlery, crystal goblets and plates that looked like they were made
out of mother-of-pearl. Each table was arranged in such a way that
all could see one table that was raised higher than the others in the
center. In the middle of that table, there was a throne-like chair.
I knew somehow that that must belong to the Lord Yeshua where He will
sit. At each setting were engraved names of those invited on small
gold rectangular nameplates. Some were more elaborate than others and
were surrounded with gemstones and diamonds. The entire tent pavilion
was shaped like a star of David with the twelve tribes surrounding a
center raised table that was also at least a hundred feet long. I was
allowed to see the nameplates of some that were seated at the Lord's
table. Abraham, David, Moses, Elijah, and others from the Bible had
their places marked there. The Apostles of the Lamb were also
represented. But there were also other names that I did not recognize
that were seated at that table. We cannot know about them at this

The mighty angel with me was clothed completely in white and was too
bright for me to look directly at as he stood next to me, but I could
hear his voice. He cried, "Blessed are those that will be seated
here. God will surely reward all of His faithful ones. They are His
beloved. They are His Bride. Tell them still on earth, ALL IS NOW
yourself in the secret place with your lamps burning
brightly....BEHOLD, THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH!" As he was speaking, the
angel of the Lord began to shine again so brightly that I hid my face
and fell prostrate before Him.

Soon though, I was able to rise again. He lifted me up and I could
look at him again. He said, Now, I will take you to hear some of the
music of heaven. Then, suddenly, we were standing outside what looked
like a concert hall, but grander than any I had ever seen before. We
ascended steps to the entrance that was surrounded by columns. There
were others coming to the concert, both angels and people. Several
bowed towards me and greeted me as I entered, but I did not recognize
them. We sat in a center box seat in front of a large symphony
orchestra. I was surprised to see that it seemed so similar to a
concert on earth. I even recognized several of the musicians, some I
just knew by revelation that they were among the great musicians of
the past, and a few I recognized from my life that had died and were
already here in heaven.

The angel quietly spoke in my ear. This is a concert in your honor.
The composer, Gustav Mahler is here in heaven. He has composed a
symphony for you. Then the Lord came out on stage and conducted! As
he entered, the whole audience bowed in worship and reverenced His
Presence. Then, when the music started, I went into a realm of
ecstasy that I cannot describe in words. But the music was like a
living movie or a vision. I listened and I saw many good things that
I had done to love people on earth. I saw so many things in history
and in eternity that I cannot even begin to describe. The music was
definitely in the style of Mahler, but without any of the torment or
despair. It was humbled and amazed beyond words. It was the most
beautiful music I have ever experienced. I laughed. I cried. I fell
prostrate before the throne of God and worshiped. (Somehow I could do
this while listening. I don't know how.) As I listened, something
deep in me that was in terrible pain was healed and it didn't hurt
anymore. When it finished, I begged the angel to let me stay there
and never leave or have to go back to earth again.

But, the angel, "It is not time yet. But, I may show you one of your
mansions." Suddenly, we were out in the mountains again. I don't
know, but it might have been that same location. We were on the side
of a mountain. We were walking up a winding street that seemed to
shimmer like those plates at the tent pavilion. It looked like
marble, mother-of-pearl, gold, and glass, all at the same time.
Finally, we reached a flat plateau overlooking what looked like the
Swiss or Bavarian Alps. It was covered with perfectly manicured
grass. We were standing in front of a golden gate that had filigree
work all over it. Over the top was my name: "Maury Sklar" engraved
in that same kind of stone/glass/gold on a rectangular plate. It was
covered with precious stones and shimmered and glittered in the late
afternoon sun. I was in awe! The two gates opened by themselves as
we entered what seemed like a kind of Japanese style garden with a
stream running through it. It had a winding path surrounded by the
most beautiful roses, other flowers, and those kind of Japanese
manicured-type trees interspersed between. There were bright colored
fish that swam in the stream. We walked over an arched wooden bridge
that went over the stream as we approached my mansion! There was a
small forest all around the garden, and as I looked to my left while
crossing that little bridge, I could see a waterfall coming from a
rock formation about forty feet or so above. It fed the stream and
came from the top of my mountain. The angel told me that the entire
mountain was mine, along with other artists and musicians that were
also living on it.

We finally came to the front door, and the house was hidden somewhat
within the little forest. But, now I had a clearer view once I
crossed the wooden bridge and it took by breath away! It looked like
a modern redwood and glass home. There were floor to ceiling windows
in the front looking out upon the garden. It had a lot of angles with
beveled windows that looked like they were pure crystal instead of
glass. The doors were over 25 feet high and were made out of
elaborately carved teak-like wood. It had a large Jewish star that
was embedded half in one door and half in the other made out of that
same mother-of-pearl like stone-glass. But this star just glowed
brightly in its' own light. There was a large round knob, but it just
opened again as we entered all by itself. When I looked in the front
entrance, light just burst into the house from all sides and the
ceiling itself was also crystalline alternating with large redwood
like beams that went from one wall to the other. Then I entered the
living room area and it was amazing! Like every dream house I had
ever thought of, it had contemporary furniture, a ceiling that was two
or three stories up, totally open. The entire back wall was floor to
ceiling crystal glass. I had a view of what looked like a painting of
Mt. Fuji in the center of a magnificent mountain lake, that was
surrounded on all sides by mountains that looked like the Himalayas or
something. I have never seen such a sight! I just gasped in awe.
There was a large fireplace in the middle of the back wall, but
somehow I could see through it anyway! On the left side in the back,
there was a crystal door that opened up to a redwood type deck. There
was a pool that seemed like it just disappeared into the mountain
view. there was no edge to it I noticed that it was also fed from
that waterfall and stream that flowed in my front yard. I then toured
the magnificent bedrooms. The greatest room of all was the "music
room", though. It had thick velvet carpet that was dark purple, and
as I entered, it seemed to become a small recital hall or concert
hall. I could tell that it would expand or contract depending on who
or how many people were there. To one side, there was a vault-like
door, and in it were dozens of great stringed instruments. Some had
been made for me, and one place was open, where the Lord had promised
me that He would make a violin for me and I could watch, after I get
there to heaven! There were cases of fine bows embedded with precious
jewels, and other musical treasures that I cannot mention at this

Then, my angel that had escorted me, said, "There is another place I
must take you to." I took his hand again, and we were suddenly in
front of a large warehouse-looking building. We went inside and I
felt like I was in the largest warehouse building I had ever seen. I
could hardly see the far walls. It looked like the largest wardrobe
collection ever! There were twelve long rows of robes with large
shoulder pieces across the tops of them. (That's the best way I can
describe it. I have never seen clothing like this. It looked like
there was a bar or small wooden plank across the top of each like a
small curtain rod that the robe hung from.) These robes were hung
along clothing racks that stretched as far as I could see. We were
suddenly up above on a catwalk type platform and I could see all of
these robes. There were twelve long rows of what looked like
thousands of identical robes that went as far as I could see. Then
the angel said to me, "These are mantles for the final hour that is to
come upon earth. This is for the end time ministry of Elijah the
prophet. There will be twelve thousand from each tribe of Israel that
will carry one of these mantles.

Then, we walked into another smaller room of this same warehouse.
There were other mantles that were hung on the walls on every side.
These all looked different from each other. I knew somehow that they
had been worn by great saints and ministries of the past. I was
surprised to see some from the middle ages, as well as those worn by
the early church apostles, and fathers. On a dais at the end of this
room was three robes that were hung side by side, with the middle one
up higher than the rest. On the left side was a robe that was hung
under a old fashioned type scale with two bowls being balanced
together. I immediately recognized that as a symbol for justice and
law. The angel seemed to know what I was thinking and said, "Yes.
That was the mantle that Moses wore. It is the mantle of the giving
of the Torah to your people." Then I glanced over to the far right.
I saw a rough looking hair skin vest that had a belt around the
middle. The angel said, "That is the mantle of Elijah the Prophet.
Both of these shall be worn again in the final hour, as it is

Then, I looked in the center up at the robe that was higher than the
rest. It was white. At first it looked really plain, but then as I
continued to look, it became brighter and brighter until finally it
was so dazzling that I could not look upon it any more. When I turned
my eyes away, the angel said, "This is the robe reserved for Yeshua
the Messiah when he returns to the earth with all the saints. It will
be dipped in blood. The Word of God shall be seen by all!"

"Do you know what you have seen?", the angel asked me. I said, "No
sir. not fully. But you know." He replied, "You have seen the Hall
of Mantles reserved for the final hour of judgment soon to come upon
the world. Few have seen them. The angels have finished all of them.
All is now ready! You must write what you have seen so that My
people can know how close I am to the final hour! I AM COMING SOON!"

As the angel was speaking, I suddenly realized that it was the LORD
Himself who had been with me. He had taken the form of that angel.
He seemed to grow and grow until I was overwhelmed and once again the
light was blinding me that was coming from His face. I then fell flat
on my face again and worshiped Him. For He is King of Kings and LORD
of Lords!

Then, the light and the glory lifted, and He appeared again in a blue
and white robe. He seemed like a Man now, though I knew He was the
LORD. He said to me, "Maury, I want you to see the Great Hall of the
Crowns." Suddenly, we were at a large castle of some sort. It looked
like Buckingham Palace, Versailles, and the Taj Mahal all at the same
time. (I know that sounds strange, but that is what it looked like to
me.) I was stunned at the majesty of this building. We walked in
these gothic doors and we were in a huge, long foyer-like hallway that
had little tables on both sides. They were covered in black velvet
like material, only more plush. On top of each little table was a
crown Each was different, but all of them were so beautiful that I
saw them and burst into tears! Along the walls and ceiling were fine
paintings and carvings kind of like are at the Vatican, only much
greater. This foyer or hallway stretched out before us as far as I
could see in the distance. Every ten feet or so on every side was a
crown on a golden table draped in black velvet. Each one had a name
under it. Some were studded with thousands of precious stones. Some
were covered in diamonds, which the Lord told me represents souls.
The other stones represent great acts of love and sacrifice for the
Kingdom. Some had a red border around the base of the crown
representing martyrdom. Some were like little tiaras of diamonds.
Some were so large that they had diamonds solid going up two and three
feet. All of them were like the finest works of art I had ever seen!
Like a Michelangelo sculpture, or a Raphael painting, each just struck
awe in me. Some of the less ornate crowns were for the shepherds -
pastors of the flock that had been true and faithful, but their beauty
was even more moving somehow. I wept and worshiped the Lord as we
walked down a portion of that great Hall of the Crowns.

Then, suddenly, I was back in my bedroom again. Hardly any time had
passed. I had felt I had been in heaven for hours or even several
days, but it was only a moment of our time on earth.

This is the truest account I could write of what I experienced.
Please understand that I am not advocating any doctrine or adding to
scripture in any way. It is a vision, and as all supernatural
revelation, it must be judged according to the higher authority of
scripture. Nevertheless, I must be obedient and record what I saw and
heard in this heavenly experience, as the Lord commanded for me to do.

May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly, beloved friends!

Maurice Sklar


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