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The Coming Shakings of Judgment to America
Maurice Sklar

March 15, 2008

After September 9, 2001, we entered into a new time in the earth. In an unexpected vision and following prophecy that I spoke (given the night before 9/11!) while I was preaching in New York - The Lord showed me and I declared that there were coming ten major “shakings” or judgments that would hit the earth. Each would bring a judgment against idolatry and would increase in both intensity and in severity. After each of these, there would follow an outpouring of grace along with an ever-increasing harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God.

What I did NOT expect was what happened to me. MY life was hit in every possible way, it seems. Like Job, from that night on, it was as if Satan came against me personally and destroyed everything that I held dear. I fell into a deep depression after many years of being healed from it. My finances were attacked. My marriage and home was destroyed. My children were deeply hurt. My reputation was maligned. I nearly lost my mind as I saw my life just ripped apart before me. It was like a nightmare for me during those several years.

Thankfully, God, by His grace, restored much of what I had lost and is still restoring now. Like Job, I believe that I will receive much more than before and still will live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, as it is written in Psalm 27. God is faithful to us and to His Word of promise in our lives! Amen.

Then, in October of 2005, the Lord visited me again with a very troubling prophecy concerning a number of specific natural disasters and terrorist attacks that I thought were coming immediately on the horizon to the nations of the world. He called for repentance and for the Bride of Messiah to come forth out of the Laodicean church. The Lord clearly spoke that His return was very near.

After struggling with that word for several weeks, I finally released it just as I received it. You can read it if you want (just click on “the Preparation of the Bride” prophecy on this teaching page of my website.) Well, much to my surprise, it went all around the world. Many thousands of intercessors began to pray, and I am now convinced that God held these calamities back in His mercy so that we would have more time to get the Gospel out to the nations (especially here in America!). Either this is the case, or I was entirely wrong and just missed it. If so, please forgive me. I do accept that as a distinct possibility, although I am now more and more convinced that I really DID have a genuine visitation from the Holy Spirit and God’s mercy did indeed intervene and held these calamities back, praise His Holy Name!

For some time, I haven’t received anything to write about. Since I promised the Lord that I would not write anything unless I knew that He led me to do so, I have not added anything since last August. But, I have carried such a burden for the nations. I have prayed and waited and watched. Finally, tonight, the Lord spoke once again and released me to write prophetically. So here it is:

We have had three of these ten massive shaking judgments so far – the World Trade Center, the earthquake/Tsunami in Indonesia, and Hurricane Katrina. Since then, we have seen a great wave of grace and blessing sweep over America and the world. But, consistent with the selfishness of fallen humanity, we soon forgot our fear of God and returned to our decadent immoral living with no regard for eternity, as it is written, “Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”.

That season of grace and mercy has finally run its’ course. Get ready…for the fourth shaking judgment is about to hit. I will not say specifically and I am not saying this to make anyone afraid but I have to write this in obedience because it is on the horizon.

However, the Lord focused me on America tonight.

These are the areas of sin that the Lord is the most grieved about in America:

1. Sexual immorality, acceptance of homosexuality in society, the epidemic rise internet pornography, greed, lust, violence, murder and perversion of all kinds. This has been seeded into our entire culture through the computer, and all forms of media including movies, music, and television.

2. Child abuse, human trafficking, the murder of the millions of innocent babies through abortion, and the neglect and abuse of the elderly by their own children. This includes particularly the spiritual raping of our children through witchcraft in movies, pop music and media, Satanic sacrifices of all kinds involving children, the throwing of God out of the schools forty years ago, and the Masonic seizure and the dividing of the land against God from the very foundations of our country until our day.

3. The departure from Biblical preaching and truth from the pulpits of our churches in favor of what pleases the people, the seducing and the castrating of God’s prophets by Jezebel and those “prophets” that eat at her table, and the removal of true anointed music and worship from our churches and meetings.

4. The love of money and all it can give us. We have become the most covetous society that has ever been. Like the song, “I WANT IT ALL! AND I WANT IT NOW!” God hates this and will surely judge this nation in these areas.

5. Our pressure on Israel through financial blackmail and “the international community” to force her to do what is against God’s will concerning her land and people. This will always bring about the swiftest retribution from heaven. Isn’t that in the Bible?

6. The twisting and the perverting of justice in our legal system, the media, and our entire culture- as it is written, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil – who substitute light for darkness and darkness for light.”

7. The political and the economic system that steals from the poor and the needy only to make the rich even richer, the corruption of our leadership, and the raping of our financial future through excessive spending and debt. This is because America bowed its’ knee to the Babylonian spirit of the “international community” over a hundred years ago and has never returned in repentance to God.

Now, I am just about as much of a New Testament “faith person” as it is possible to be. I cherish the promises of God and believe in both prosperity and healing from the hands of a loving God. But, read your Bibles, beloved! Each of those national sins listed above bring about curses, NOT blessings from God. God is a just and a Holy God. He will not allow these things to continue forever. This has become a covenant-breaking nation. We are in serious trouble. May God have mercy on us.

So, this is what will shortly happen if things continue as they are:

There are three areas in which this shaking judgment will hit America:

1. Our economy and way of life.

2. Natural disasters related to unusual and severe weather and the shifting of the earth.

3. Terror attacks from within and without.

The Lord said to me regarding President George W. Bush:

“Even though many despise him, I am pleased with him. He is My faithful servant. He has been a firewall against much evil that would have otherwise come. Because I regard the prayers of My Bride, I have withheld and stopped almost all that should have come already. He is like King Josiah - The last of the Godly kings in ancient Israel. Though not all is right, he has kept the standard of righteousness that I placed before him. Though he is maligned now, history will view him as a great President.”

Concerning the near future:

“But after him shall come a rapid deterioration and the removal -unless there is true repentance- of my blessings that have been taken for granted in the USA for the last fifty years. It has already begun. For my people have forsaken Me and worshiped every idol and given themselves to their demon lovers at every opportunity for the past 100 years. I will no longer hold back the shakings of judgment. Oh My people, go to your demon gods that you have chosen instead of Me and pray to them. Do you think they will deliver you in your day of calamity? Do you think that I can’t see what you do in the secret? I will expose your shame before all the nations of the world and they shall laugh and mock you when they see the burning, looting, flooding, financial ruin and your fall from the place of the head of the nations. You have used your leadership to pollute and defile the whole earth instead of bringing My Gospel to them. Therefore, even as I have watched over you to bless and protect you, so will I watch over you to destroy your preeminence and to make you cease from you haughtiness, your greed, and your pride. THEN, you will come to me once again in humility and repentance.

Prepare to meet thy God, oh United States of America!

The Spirit says: “How else can you escape the damnation of hell, America?”

I pray that we take heed, beloved, and continue to pray and intercede for true revival, awakening and repentance here in America before it is too late.

May the Lord have mercy on us!

Love in our Messiah,

Maurice Sklar



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