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Commentary on Current Middle East Situation
Maurice Sklar

August 3, 2006

All of us have been watching the news concerning Israel’s offensive against Hezbollah into Lebanon and to the south against Hamas in Gaza. Our government can’t really say anything to Israel considering our presence in Iraq. For the first time, the United States has actually encouraged Israel in its’ war against militant Arab Islamic terror. This is a major shift in our foreign policy which has polarized world opinion even more between those who love Israel and those who hate her very existence.

In making our stand solidly with Israel, we have honored God and He will bless the United States for it. However, it also will isolate us further from the arising antiMessiah spirit in the nations all over the world. The rest of the world has a very warped view of Israel and the Jewish people. In the late 1980’s we began to hear the phrase “the New World Order”, referring to an alliance of the post-Soviet-era democratic nations that promote free trade and the victory of capitalism, etc. We now call it the “G8” nations or “the economic community of nations”. This will eventually become the ten toes of Daniel’s image – the ten kings that will rule the world under the antiMessiah to come. At this time, they are exerting enormous pressure to unite the world economically, culturally, and even religiously. The Bible prophets refers to this end time economic system as a revived form of ancient Babylon, also including aspects of ancient Tyre, Greece, and Rome: for it operates in rebellion against God in the same Satanic spirits as these ancient empires did.

What are Satan’s goals through this end-time Babylon system?

They are:

1. To unite and ultimately enslave all of the world through computer and internet technology, electronic surveillance, trade and commerce, and the power of mammon through debt and unjust interest.

2. To unite and ultimately enslave all of the world through false religion, spiritual deception, and seduction. The Bible calls this “The Whore of Babylon” or “Mystery Babylon”. She has risen up and drinks the blood of millions of souls through militant religions built on hate and murder (such as in radical Islam and others); false “new age” religions that counterfeit the gospel and are being preached in many pulpits in so-called Christian churches today; the approximately 40 year reign of secular humanism in our political and social public arenas; the militant rise and acceptance of witchcraft, occult practices, and other ‘supernatural’ demonic phenomena, and the saturation of sexual perversion, lust, homosexuality, abortion, greed, drug and alcohol abuse, and hedonism that popular music, the mass media, and the internet are constantly spewing at us. The television, movies, music, and our educational systems have been the hypnotic teachers and carriers of all of these demonic spirits by their constant reinforcement/brainwashing of these lies into our minds and hearts: starting from the earliest days of our childhood. Mystery Babylon - this great whore - has caused the epidemic of the breakdown of families and the destruction of much good in our society, especially since World War 2.
Millions of souls are now burning in hell because of her deception. Many more millions will follow them into hell in the days to come. We must work in the Gospel fields while it is still day and rescue as many as we can. The night comes soon, in which no man can work.

3. To unite and ultimately enslave all of the world by destroying all who are opposed to it. There are three groups of people that will never accept the antiMessiah and the Babylon system: The Arab Muslims and fundamental Islamics, the true Christian Church, and the Jewish people/the nation of Israel. Why? - Because all three believe in absolutes concerning God and truth.

The radical Arab Muslims and all who fully believe in Islam say that they are right and they have to destroy all who disagree with them. The Church will never embrace the antiMessiah system because they believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the only Messiah and the only path to the salvation of mankind. The Jews believe in the One God who is the Almighty and they (as a whole) will worship no other. They are waiting for the true Messiah. So, there are specifically laid plans to consecutively destroy these three peoples and their “intolerance” by Satan and his Babylon war machine.

The first group is now being openly targeted: the Arab Muslims are the most dangerous and must be destroyed for there to be “peace and safety” in the whole world. That is why we are in Iraq and Afganistan and fighting our war on terrorism. That is why for the first time, the United States and the “community of nations” are not forcing Israel to stop this time in Lebanon and Gaza. That is why even the news media are being allowed to side against “the Arab terrorists” and public opinion is somewhat favorable here in the west. Of course, it is right to fight and do our best to destroy this evil before there are even more innocent deaths through acts of terror. They WILL be removed for the most part (as far as their ability to control and manipulate through terror), although they will not be totally eliminated. There will continue to be more and more bombings and other violence from these militant groups in the days to come, in spite of all of the efforts to stop them.

The true believing Church of Yeshua the Messiah (those who are born again spiritually and are living with Yeshua as Lord) will never accept that there is another way to God. This is directly contrary to the agenda of Mystery Babylon which wants everyone to be included by combining and homogenizing all religions into one “faith” that accepts all and doesn’t “judge” others. That is their thinking. Actually, however, it is a spiritual battle. The Church, through her prayers and intercession, is holding back this system from totally taking over until the harvest of the Gospel is completed. The Great Commission of our Lord must be fulfilled by the Gospel being published into every nation. Then this Babylon antiMessiah spirit will be allowed to take over everything for seven years until the Messiah comes and sets up His Kingdom by taking up His throne in Jerusalem.

We have not felt the sting of persecution yet here in the West (although in China and many other nations it is happening), but it is certainly coming! When the fanatic Muslims and the nations that support them are subdued and brought under control for the most part, then Babylon will turn on the believers in the Church. Our rights and privileges that we currently enjoy will be taken away. We will see open persecution, unjust imprisonment, confiscation of our wealth and property, and even torture and martyrdom here in America before it is over. It will be accompanied, however, by great revival and glory from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in signs, miracles and wonders that the earth will marvel at. This will bring in millions of souls for God’s Kingdom, for they will see the truth of the resurrected Messiah Yeshua in the faithful suffering, the agape love, and the miracles of the true Church. But for now for a short time longer, we can still enjoy our freedom and blessings. Then our turn will come. First, Babylon will deal with Islam and then turn on us. Satan will surely attack the church to try to destroy her in open persecution in the days and years ahead. Thank God, we can remain strong because of Yeshua’s promise that the gates of hell will NOT prevail against the Church of the living God! Those that endure to the end shall be saved!

Finally, there will be an all out war to once and for all destroy the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. The prophetic time clock just shifted forward when we entered the second half of 2006. God had mercy and He withheld many “birthpangs” of nature and war in the earth. In the first half of this year, we didn’t experience as much of these judgments. Many in the church prayed and interceded, and the Lord allowed for more time to let the nations repent and turn to Him. Many did. Praise the Lord! This is a great time for the Gospel! Millions are being saved! To God be the glory!

But when July came, the Lord spoke again to me and said, “I am now moving the clock forward. I am accelerating time itself. I will wait no longer. I must allow for these birthpangs to increase, for as soon as Zion travails, she brings forth to birth.” Then a few days later, the trains were bombed in Mumbai, India. There was another massive earthquake in Indonesia, which created a Tsunami that killed many. North Korea and Iran are brazenly and defiantly rattling their nuclear sabers at the world. Even Pakistan is trying desperately to get on the nuclear bandwagon. Then Hamas and Hezbollah, under the command of Iran and Syria, provoked Israel by kidnapping three Israeli soldiers and began firing rockets at them from both sides. Israel went to war shortly after.

The outcome of this war will be the defeat of Hezbollah and Hamas. They will be crippled and be out of commission for a season. However, there will be a united war that will come in response to this victory by Israel. Ezekiel 38-39 describes this sudden and massive attack that will come against Israel. It will be a united Arab invasion in alliance with the Russian Islamic nations. It will be led and commanded by a military leader that the prophet Ezekiel calls “Gog” from the land of the north. He is very specific in identifying by the ancient tribes that settled in present day Russia, both this leader and the nation that he comes from. It is an alliance that includes the African nations of Libya and Egypt along with a nation he calls Ethiopia. It will be an all-out invasion into Israel to once and for all destroy her. Even though this military general, Gog, is of Russian descent and “Magog’s” mighty army includes some nations that were once in the Soviet Union but are now only loosely associated with Russia, this will be primarily an Arab Muslim confederacy of nations. It will be overwhelming for little Israel, but God Himself will intervene and this huge army will be completely wiped out. It is written that it will take seven months to clean up all the mess and bury the dead.

There will be much more land taken from this war by Israel. Actually, it will be God who gives it back to them. The whole world will know that this was a supernatural victory. The living God will be vindicated by all the nations and His Name will be feared as never before. From the spoils and victory over Gog and Magog, Israel will experience the greatest season of prosperity she has ever known. The temple will then be rebuilt.

However, the world will turn against Israel and the Jews. It will be even worse than the hatred in Nazi Germany and it will be worldwide. The Jews will be envied, hated and persecuted once again. They will thrown out of many nations. But the Spirit of God will fall upon them then and they will see clearly that Yeshua is indeed their Messiah. From the combination of anti-Semitism even here in the west against the Jews and the economic shaking to come, Jews from New York, Los Angeles, and many other cities and nations will no longer prosper in comfort as they once did. Even they will then desire to return to Israel.

So, as the Bible says, all Israel will be once again gathered into their ancient homeland. Most will not return until it gets so bad that they are compelled to leave. This will surely happen for the Bible declares that God will gather His people from the four corners of the earth. He will bring them home to the land that He promised to Abraham and his children. They shall dwell there forever in peace and prosperity.

As for the current crisis in the Middle East, we will see a further division and war between the Arab Muslims themselves. This is occurring in Iraq right now. The Sunnis and the Shihites are not very fond of each other, to say the least. Also, the most militant terrorists are being spawned, supported and trained in Iran and Syria: not Iraq. They REALLY hate Israel and the Jews. They actually WANT to die in a holy war murdering them. They are consumed by this hatred and they feed on it day and night. This is so sick!!

Not all Arab Muslims are like this, however. Many are very tolerant of each other. They are open to western ideas. Many are coming to the Lord Yeshua in all of this turmoil in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. This has created a great division between the moderate Arabs and the radical fundamentalists. The more moderate Arab nations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc. (and even many of the Lebanese) do not like the fanatic Moslems any more than the west does. There is only one thing that they ALL seem to agree about: they hate Israel and the Jews and want to drive them into the sea. This will be the fuel that will ignite the coming war described in Ezekiel 38-39. It isn’t that far away, you know.

Get ready! The Lord could return for His Bride at any moment in this midnight hour. Keep your lamps burning brightly! Watch and pray as you see these things come to pass!
Look up, for your redemption draws near! The Bridegroom is coming soon! Amen.

Love in our Messiah,

Maurice Sklar


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