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The Inauguration of Barack Obama
Maurice Sklar

January 20, 2009

Dear beloved friends,

It is really upon my heart to pray for the safety of President-elect Obama. Of course, thank God, there will be enormous security, etc. for him, but the Holy Spirit asked me to write and to warn that there is still, nevertheless, a great danger for him.

Remember, beloved, that we are called to pray and intercede for our leaders. Since Obama is now elected the President, regardless of our political views, it is of God that he is in office. There would be a terrible consequences of racial “civil war” if Obama is harmed. There are those far right groups that, like in Nazi Germany, think that an African-American man as President (or a Jew or anyone who is not like them) is evil and must be stopped at all costs. The Lord revealed to me that there are no less then 5,000 plots to attack President Obama next week in Washington, D.C. Right now, all of those are heading there with their weapons and their plots, etc. Only a small portion of those have the sophistication to be a real threat, but those ARE very dangerous! Please take time to intercede for President-elect Obama’s protection. Thank you. Amen.

I realize that our country has gone down a path towards judgment, as shown in the election. God gave America the “king” that they wanted. Many are actually worshiping Obama right now instead of God. They think that he will solve all our problems. However, the honeymoon will be over very soon, and many will realize that he is just a man tied to the political machine of Washington DC. The forces of corruption and evil will now try to pull his strings. If they succeed we will head down the path of the antichrist Babylonian global system at a much faster rate than ever before. Watch and see.

The real news is in Gaza, Israel, and the Middle East now! If the Lord doesn’t hold it back, this can very easily become a full-scale regional war. God will surely use the Middle East to pull the entire world into war. Actually, I do not see any other outcome, ultimately. That is in the Bible. It WILL happen just as it is written.

There is another smaller picture, however, that is of God concerning the inauguration. Some of the references to Lincoln, and Martin Luther King have prophetic significance. I DO believe that, if President-elect Obama succeeds in the prayerful legacy of those that went before him, God could turn this into a great victory for the gospel, the poor, the needy, and, of course, civil rights. What a grave responsibility that Obama has before God. Those are very BIG shoes to fill. That’s why I am asking you: please pray for him! God wants to use this as a victory for the Kingdom as well as the Gospel, and not just as a political and social badge to how “progressive” we are in our culture.

Also, there is enormous witchcraft and occult activity at this time swirling all around him. Whenever there is this much occult activity, it is because there is a genuine move of the Holy Spirit coming. I am convinced that a great revival is on the horizon, but it will come only at great cost. When disasters hit, that is when America falls on her knees and humbles herself. The Lord has said to me:

“There have been two moves of my Spirit in American history. You have called them “Awakenings”. There is a final third visitation that is on the horizon. It will bring forth another awakening: the greatest revival in history. Millions shall come to repentance and faith in Me as they turn back to Me in desperation when the coming calamities shall hit your nation. What you may call disasters, do not look that way from heaven’s viewpoint. They are moments of opportunity to repent and be saved for eternity for millions of precious souls. If I did not allow these things, those souls would be lost forever in the damnation of hell. So watch for signs of the “Third Great Awakening”. It won’t be a counterfeit: it will be a visitation of My glory! It has been prayed in by the church in former generations. Now it shall come as My final response of grace to the coming shakings of judgment upon this land. It is the grand finale where I show myself as God in your nation and throughout the entire earth on behalf of my people.”

It is both the best and the worst of times. I pray that you keep yourself spiritually awake and keep your lamps burning for the Lord when He returns for us. Amen.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His loving arms! Stay on your knees!

In our Messiah,

Maurice Sklar


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