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Lady Wisdom
Maurice Sklar

May 6, 2008

Some years ago, I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I was attending The Family Prayer Center. Dave Roberson is the pastor and also my dear friend. I have sat under his teaching ministry for over twenty years and he ordained me in January of 2000. I learned so much from him, especially in the areas of enduring prayer, Holy Spirit-led intercession, praying without ceasing, and the meditation of God’s Word to extract revelation knowledge, how to hear the voice of the Lord, fasting, and most of all – how to listen to our Teacher and to turn ourselves over to Him completely – the precious Holy Spirit - Who has been given to us to lead us into all truth. Dave’s teaching ministry has the ability to transform and to develop our inner man – our born again “new creation” spirit. I am so thankful for him to have gone before me and blazed the trail so that I could fulfill God’s calling on my life. I urge those of you who are hungry for that kind of teaching to go to “prayermediacenter.com” and listen to his messages. They are free. His book, “The Walk of the Spirit, the Walk of Power” is also available online for free at “daveroberson.org”. These messages and his book are life changing! I realize now in hindsight that much of my ministry today is the fruit of all those years of DOING what he teaches.

Anyway, I was listening to him one time at church, and Dave was teaching on how to meditate God’s Word and to “assimilate” it, as he calls it. He was urging us to read the book of Proverbs all the way through over and over – at least 50 times – and to pray in the Spirit in tongues while doing it. In this way, he said, wisdom would be given to us. I was inspired and full of faith, so I decided to do this. It was hard at first, but I read and read and read for several months.

After about the thirtieth time through or so, something started to happen. The only way I can describe it is that I seemed to enter “into” this book. Instead of reading words, I began to “see” images that the proverbs were describing. Each proverb was like a little movie that would teach a lesson. But, with each proverb, I felt an inner pricking as each of them, like seeds that cut into my heart, began to be planted deeply there. Each proverb had a “cross” in it. If I said “yes” to each proverb and yielded. I could feel a little more “flesh” dying. Another words, it hurt! I felt like I was in a movie theatre in my spirit where I was watching one short movie after another. Each proverb became alive somehow and I saw it happen in front of me. Even more amazing, the whole book began to form inside of me like a big tree growing in all directions, just exactly like Dave described had happened to him. I saw the whole outline of the book as it assimilated inside of me. It became more and more clear and detailed as I reached the forty-third time through.

Then, I started on my forty-fourth time through the book of Proverbs. By now, I saw the book was divided into three sections – the first nine chapters or so talk about two women – then there are the proverbs of Solomon during his life – and then it ends with proverbs that were recorded after his death. Then it ends with the good woman again that we had met in the first section.

Suddenly, I felt transported inside the book! I don’t know if it was a vision or just “a prophetic experience” or what, but I was no longer reading words. I was “there”! It was awesome. I was in front of massive building made out of white marble. It had seven huge columns across the front that were so tall that I could not see the tops of them. It looked a little like the White House and the Lincoln Memorial at the same time. As I looked inside, I saw a huge throne with a Queen sitting on it. At first she didn’t look alive, but looked like Abraham Lincoln’s statue of stone. She was so beautiful but looked like a statue. I kept walking into the building past the columns. I kept walking and walking closer and closer. As I did, the throne with the stone Queen on it kept getting larger and larger. Finally, I was standing in front of her throne. As I got closer, the Queen began to become alive. There was a bright light that grew brighter and brighter all around the throne. I heard angels singing on each side and over her. It was so majestic that I began to tremble as I got within about 50 feet. The glory kept intensifying until finally I could come no closer. I fell on my knees in front of her. I couldn’t help it. It just happened. Now, She was fully alive and glowing like no one I had ever seen. Such Beauty and Majesty together! I had never seen anything and anyone more beautiful than her! I felt so small and so privileged to just be there in Her presence. She just gazed down at me for some time in silence. I couldn’t even look Her in the face for very long without having to look away.

Then She spoke, “Welcome, my son. God has heard the cries of your heart for Me. You have been invited into My Presence in answer to your hunger and thirst. Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after Me – for they shall be FILLED.” Her voice was like the most lovely music and so powerful at the same time. The last word just reverberated through the massive palace throne room and echoed back and forth as it bounced off of the marble in all directions. Then, She spoke again and said, “It is only through humility and the fear of the LORD that you can find me.” I just worshiped and stayed on my knees and trembled.

Then She stood up. Somehow, when she stood, I was able to stand also. She had light coming out of her head and her crown in beams going in every direction like searchlights. I thought to myself, “I’ve seen this before somewhere.” Like She heard my thoughts, she said, “Yes you have. I appeared in this form to those who laid the foundation for your country. They depicted me in the Statue of Liberty. My likeness was put on the gold piece American dollar coin. I have appeared and been with those who would choose Me. But, I have hid Myself from almost all in your proud, vain, perverted, and foolish generation. They do not desire Me. Every man must choose for himself. So few will pay the price to come here, though I love all of God’s children. My house is always open for all who desire Me. The founding fathers of the United States called me “Lady Liberty”, but actually I am the Spirit of Godly Wisdom. You can call me “Lady Wisdom”, if you like. It was in this way that I appeared to King Solomon. I am the Personification of the Holy Spirit in the Person of Godly Wisdom.” Then I realized that the Voice I was hearing was so familiar – it was the Voice of Yeshua our Messiah! This was the Lord! Lady Wisdom then said, “I had to appear to Solomon in this form because I had not yet been given a Body. Now I can reveal to you the fullness of Wisdom, as you are able to receive it, for you are My covenant child through the New Covenant in My blood.”

Then I saw Yeshua standing before Me instead and He said, “Who will come to Me and live? How long will My people prostitute themselves when I have so much to give them? How I long to give them the riches of My wisdom and glory!” I saw that He was crying as He said it. “Come with Me and I will show you a little of the unsearchable riches of Wisdom. Then, the LORD in the form of Lady Wisdom was once again standing and began to walk towards the back of the throne. I saw a large door that opened by itself in front of Her. She was striding boldly and I had to walk very fast to keep up. “This is one of My treasure rooms. I will give you what your heart cries out for.”

She stopped and I saw jewels of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. It looked like it was a pirate’s lair but 1000 times greater. There were golden vessels, beautiful vases, cups, chalices, gemstones, crowns of all sizes and design. Each piece was so awesome, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. She said, “take this and look at it.” I looked at what she was pointing to and I picked up a large jewel. It was dark red like a massive ruby. It was so pretty! I looked into it and suddenly I was looking at the cross of Yeshua. He was dying in agony for me. Then I saw, just for a short moment, as He was suffering in Hell - damnation in my place! I could hardly look and after a while I had to look away. It was as if I was feeling a little of His agony as He was separated from the Father. Finally, it broke me and I wept until I couldn’t weep anymore. I looked up at Lady Wisdom and she said, “That is a stone of the Father’s love for you.” This will be in your heart from now on. When you play the violin and minister, all will hear and know how much the Father loves them. This stone contains the scripture you call John 3:16. Each of these jewels here have a promise in them. This is your inheritance in My grace. As you are ready and come to Me through all of eternity, I will reveal all of these riches to you, My son.

Then she gave me a green stone that looked like an emerald. I looked into it, and suddenly, I was in the most beautiful garden. I saw Adam and Eve as they walked with God in the cool of the day. It was so awesome! It was greater than any garden I had ever seen or known about on earth. I was filled with joy, hope and love. I ate what seemed like a peach, but it was white. It was more sweet than any peach I had ever tasted. As I ate it, all of the hurts and betrayals seemed to be taken out of my heart from all the terrible things that people had done to me in the past. I felt like poison was removed and hope came back into those places where I had been hurt on the inside. “Son, from now on when you play and minister, many will receive healing in their hearts and souls from the wounds of their past. I will bring Hope to the hopeless.”

Then, I was suddenly “out” of the green stone and back in the treasure room with Lady Wisdom. Then she said, “Come with Me.” And we walked for some time through Her palace corridors. We turned to the left and I saw a huge dining room. There were two seats on each side of a long table. It was lavishly set with every kind of delicious food and drink. It was so much that it was impossible to know where to start. Then Lady Wisdom said to me, “Come and dine with Me.”

As we ate, I thought to myself, this is the most delicious food I had ever put into my mouth.

Then, She said, “Are you thirsty? Taste My wine!” And she poured some into a large crystal chalice from the bottle on the table. “This is one of My greatest wines. It will release the sounds of both the joy and the tears of heaven into the earth through Your violin and voice. I have mixed together the perfect wine for you to serve in your ministry for Me. Many will be filled with joy and yet they will weep with My tears over their sins and failures when they hear you. You will serve this wine as long as you live on this earth until I return. It is mixed with both love and judgment. It will bring repentance, purity and adorning to My bride as she drinks it.

I just looked down at it. I knew somehow that if I drank this, it would cost me. I hesitated. Then Lady Wisdom said, “Yes, this is My cup for you to drink. I drank the cup My Father gave Me and it cost me everything. Do you love Me enough to drink this? It will be a cross of intercession. You will feel deeply the pain and suffering of those you are sent to. It is the fellowship of My sufferings as My Bride endures to the end in the present world. Remember, if you suffer with Me, you shall reign with Me. When you begin to love deeply, you will suffer much. But I will turn your mourning into joy when you see what I will do through you. Do you want this, or SHALL I GIVE IT TO ANOTHER?” I said, “I am willing.” Before I could think anymore, I drank it down. The more I drank, the more of the mixture of both joy and sorrow went into my spirit. It was so delicious, and yet so sour at the same time.

Finally, Lady Wisdom took a loaf of bread, broke and piece off, and dipped it into Her chalice of wine. She said, “Eat this. This contains My grace to carry your ministry and to be faithful to the end. My grace is sufficient for your future. It will not be easy. It will be My cross for you that will bring salvation and joy to millions. You will not see until the end what I have done for you and through you for so many. You must be like me and humble yourself all the days of your life and be the servant – even to the most undeserving. Serve and love ALL as I did. Let yourself be used and even abused at times. I will redeem all for my glory. Then you shall see that your labor is not in vain in Me.”

She gave the bread after she dipped it into the red wine and gave it to me. I began to cry again and say that I was not worthy. She just looked at me with such love and compassion that I melted even more. Finally, I ate it. I felt an inner strength come into me and at the same time I began to see a path of inner suffering that I had to go down. I can say now after seven years, that I have indeed experienced some of what I saw at that time. It is only God’s grace that has kept me through it all. It was not by my efforts, works, or my own righteousness, for I have proven to be a failure in those realms. I do not deserve any of it. Nevertheless, God’s grace has kept me, provided for me, and sustained me from that day until this. I felt like I ate and drank a small, tiny part of the Messiah’s passion.

Lady Wisdom said, “Now, I have made you rich with great riches from My Kingdom. From this wealth, go and feed My lambs. Go and prepare My Bride for My return. I am coming soon. You have found the highest purpose for music and worship in this age. I will give you the souls of many thousands as your reward. Forever, your sorrows in this life will produce the greatest rejoicing in that Day when I will reward your openly. All shall see what they cannot now.”

Suddenly, I was standing outside of Lady Wisdom’s house as she sat on her throne once again. She said, “You can come here as often as you like, but every day you must CHOOSE to come to My house. Now, you must visit another house and another woman – the one that you lust after in your flesh. Only by overcoming her seductions will you fulfill My highest call for your life.”

Then, I seemed to come out of the book of Proverbs and into my body again. It was an awesome experience, to say the least! Then I heard Her voice again in My spirit, and she said, “This vision will be hidden in your spirit until the time comes when it is to be revealed. But beware of the Whore of Babylon. You will meet her and then must stand against her harlotries and seductions. She will try to seduce you. If she can’t seduce you, she will try to destroy everything in your life to get you to give up. But remember, the wine and bread that you ate and drank is greater. I will keep you faithful to the end! I love you, My son, My son.” Amen.

To be continued…

Maurice Sklar


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