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The Blessed Hope: Rapture, Wrath and Revival
Maurice Sklar

Jan 2, 2010

Dear Friends,
As we enter into the second decade of the 21stcentury, we are in both the most exciting and also the most perilous times that have ever existed on planet earth. Right before our eyes, the Bible is coming to life! Bible prophecies are being fulfilled at an astonishing pace as we rush toward the Glorious Appearing of our Messiah Yeshua. There is no longer any doubt in my mind as to how late the hour is on God’s prophetic time clock. The signs of the times are so clear and startling that it is staring us right in the face – if we are only awake and tuned in spiritually to what is going on all around us!

First of all, I am amazed at how patient and merciful God is. He has lovingly held back His hand of judgment upon this world. In December of 2005, I received a vision of some of the disasters that would have come upon us. But, because of the intercession of the Bride of Messiah – the overcoming remnant church – God has mercifully postponed much of what I saw coming upon America and the world. What amazing grace and mercy He has displayed! All glory and honor and praise be to the Most High God, King of the Universe, Our Heavenly Father forever and ever! Amen.

Here is what the Lord spoke to Me to give you, My beloved brothers and sisters:

We must not let the promise of the Blessed Hope slip away from us. It is vitally important for us to hold on to the hope of imminent appearing of our Lord in the air! There is NOTHING that is still waiting to be fulfilled prophetically in order for this to occur at any moment. I do believe that a great revival is coming to both America and the world, but, this will coincide with the final outpouring of the wrath of God during the last seven years of tribulation. As I have been praying, I have had numerous glimpses of this coming great revival. In fact, there is coming a third and final “Great Awakening” here in America. I once thought that it would come BEFORE the rapture of the Bride, but now I honestly believe that it will only come when the nations (especially America!) are shaken to their very core. Only then will God be able to reach them and save multitudes of souls from eternal damnation.
There has come a dividing of the church over when Yeshua will come. Just this week, I was watching as a great man of God was passionately defending his view that the church MUST go through the tribulation and that the “pre-tribbers” are just putting their heads in the sand, so to speak. He said that the view of the catching away of the Bride of Messiah before the tribulation was a delusion and a false teaching that is deceiving us. But, I was so troubled by this! I knew that it wasn’t right.

So, as always, when I don’t know the answer, I go to the precious Holy Spirit and the Word of God and ask the Lord. I was actually very surprised at what He told me.

This is what He said:

“Not all of My people will be ready when I sound the shofar of My appearing in the air. In fact, half of those that profess belief in Me will be left behind, as it is written in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. I am coming for those that are prepared and awaiting My return. But, I am not leaving the earth without a strong witness of my grace, My presence, and My glory. In fact, I’ve allowed some to choose whether they want to stay to be a part of the greatest revival and harvest of all of history or to go on before to My Wedding Supper. But, it is not my best for them. I do not want to see them suffer. It will be the worst time in all of history. No one will escape the tribulations of the coming wrath. Remember, it is only by FAITH that you will escape these things coming upon the earth shortly. If you don’t BELIEVE I am coming for you to take you out before the coming wrath is poured out upon the earth, I have no obligation to do so. But, remember, all those that will be left behind will be killed for their stand for Me. Many will not stand for Me in that hour and will lose their souls when the persecution heats up against them. That is because they were never really Mine in the first place. But also many champions for Me shall arise and not compromise during the time of Jacob’s Trouble. I will arise and protect those that will stand for Me then until their works are finished and then they shall all give their lives for Me and the truth of My Gospel.

I have already separated My Bride from the Laodicean church. I have warned the church over and over. Time is running out fast! Get into the ark of safety! Flee from the love of sin, the flesh, and the world before it is too late! Do not look back upon Sodom like Lot’s wife. Flee the city of destruction! Flee from the wrath to come! Come into My secret place! The doors are closing soon. Embrace the truth of My promise that I have not appointed you for wrath, but to obtain My salvation and to be a part of My Bride. Blessed and holy are those that obtain this first resurrection. Amen. I am coming for those who love Me; My soon Appearing in the sky; My Wedding and My Glorious Supper; I am coming for those that love heaven and the coming Kingdom more than they love the passing pleasures of sin upon this present earth. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY FALSE TEACHING THAT ROBS YOU OF THE BLESSED HOPE OF MY COMING! I am the Great King and Bridegroom! Keep your lamps burning brightly! The midnight hour is here!”

This is what the Holy Spirit is saying. We must heed it. There is not much more time, beloved!

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah rest upon you in greater and greater measure as we enter into the coming New Year!

Love in our Messiah,
Maurice Sklar


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