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The Coming Threats to the United States of America
Maurice Sklar

June 4, 2009

Dear Friends,

We have been lulled into a deception that somehow, America is now safe from terrorism. Once again, today the LORD warned me about what is coming upon America in the near future. We have turned away from God as a nation. The Laodicean church is in a dangerous and lukewarm state. We have openly embraced abortion and homosexuality and voted to make these a part of our laws. In our foreign policy, President Obama is now actively opposing Israel and is radically committed to dividing Jerusalem and giving the Palestinians their “state”, which would amount to little more than another terrorist base for Iran and the Arab Islamic terrorists. President Obama has gone to the Middle East and refused to visit our greatest friend and ally in the region, Israel. He is actively siding against Israel in all our dealings with them. This is so serious! Never has an American president been so brazen and anti-Semitic against Israel. Just as I wrote after his election: President Obama is political judgment upon America.

Still we go on pretending that everything is just fine. After all, most of us haven’t faced any real hardships yet. We have been emboldened by not being attacked by terrorists since 9/11. The fact is, God has had great, GREAT, mercy on us by continuing to foil and shield us from the hundreds of threats that have been attempted since that time. However, this will NOT last forever. Even the most secular and pragmatic of social scientists tell us, it’s only a short matter of time until some terrorists get through to America.

I’m warning the Bride of Messiah that we must continue to pray, pray, PRAY!!!! But even the most fervent of intercession will only postpone what is coming. I have the unhappy (for me) job of having to report to you what is coming imminently on the horizon in the world. But, I have seen also great hope! With these terrible events will also come the greatest revival for America that she has ever experienced. With the next major judgment will come an Awakening and repentance that has not been seen for 150 years. Even our government will repent and fall on their faces before Almighty God for a short space of time. We have become selfish, fat, lazy, decadent, arrogant, idolatrous, and asleep in the United States. God is about to awaken us all and shake this land until we humble ourselves and repent. He will then save many millions that are now lost in darkness and would come to Him in no other way.

The LORD says, look at Billy Graham and Oral Roberts. They represent the last call of grace to America in the realms of salvation and healing for the times of the Gentiles (the Church Age). They have lived on and on into their nineties now. When they pass, this will signal the start of the Grand Finale. Great judgments, great revival and the harvest of the nations - billions of souls forced into the great winepress of the wrath of God! As the birth pangs of the coming Kingdom of God get more and more intense and frequent, so will America’s third and last Great Awakening burst forth from the Bride. God will pour His glory into our nation. As this happens, God will gather all men to Himself and truly “ sift out the hearts of men before His judgment seat.” There is no stopping it. Our theology can’t. We can’t confess it away with God’s promises. This is the last hour of the time of grace. We can be kept safe in only the secret place of God. It is our land of Goshen – our only refuge - when these judgments really start.

Our focus is extremely important. What are you looking at? Yeshua said that men’s hearts would fail them for fear of looking upon those things that are coming on the earth. We must focus instead on Yeshua and His soon return. Look up, for our redemption draws nigh! We must stay in the Word of God and eat it night and day. We must set our affections on things above and not on the lusts and distractions of our present time. We must be diligent to guard our hearts from idols. We must keep our lamps burning brightly waiting for our coming Bridegroom in this midnight hour. Love not the world or the things in the world. Come into the Bridal chamber. It is the only Ark of safety in this present hour. Beware of deception!! These are the warnings that the Holy Spirit is giving to us! Stay on your knees in fervent prayer! Double your time with God now if you can. Only time with Him will prepare our hearts for the Messiah’s soon appearing for His Bride. Repent!! Get the sin out of your lives before it is too late. Forsake ALL and follow the LORD with ALL your hearts, beloved!

These are the threats facing America at this time:

The terrorist shield that was in place during Bush’s presidency is no longer there. The next attacks aimed at us are threatening cities and not just buildings. There are many porous openings in the spirit now. If the churches in each city and region do not repent and pray, terrorism could enter and kill many thousands.

The nuclear and biological threshold has also been breached. That is, the covering of God’s protection upon the earth against nuclear and biological weapons has been partially removed. (It will be fully removed only in the Tribulation period.) This will be demonstrated soon overseas and will also come to the U.S in the form of terrorist bombings and “limited” nuclear war in the Middle East. God has reserved these terrible weapons of fire and pestilence for the final judgment upon the nations that reject Him.

Spiritual deception on a scale never before seen. There is an invasion of witchcraft and lust that will surpass any other generation soon to hit America. Homosexuality will go from militant to violent. Just as it was in the time of Sodom, what has been restrained and only done in secret will be completely out in the open. The sexually perverted will also become filled with a spirit of murder and violence. Every kind of sexual perversion will become accepted and encouraged. Satanic worship will be allowed even in the pulpits of some churches that once preached the gospel. Persecution of true bible believers will be widespread and rampant. Multitudes of Laodicean “Christians” will fall away as they continue to depart from the truth and avoid these persecutions.

Huge storms, sudden weather changes, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and shifts in the Gulf Stream will cause great destruction and disease here in America and throughout the earth.

In the midst of this, God’s last and greatest REVIVAL is coming! Many hundreds of millions will be brought to the Lord. America will hit her knees at the first of these shakings. With each calamity will come a greater and greater outpouring of glory and grace that will harvest many.

Just as in Egypt, when the plagues first began, they were on a level that the magicians could duplicate them. In the same way, the modern world will be able to “explain away” the first of these, as they already have. The Israelites also experienced the beginning plagues. The Bride who is still in the earth will see the beginnings of these last judgments also. As the plagues continued in Egypt, however, God separated Israel from Egypt in the land of Goshen. They were protected from them. In the same way, the overcoming church (the Bride of Messiah) will be protected and removed from the final global judgments recorded in the book of Revelation. We will come into a short time of unprecedented revival. Then, when the Great Commission is finally fulfilled, we who remain will be caught up in a moment to be with the Lord for His glorious Wedding Supper that is now being prepared.

America will then be judged by fire from God directly or from nuclear devastation. In a vision in 1985, I saw America completely incinerated from coast to coast. If this was a true vision from God, then it will come to pass before the coming Messianic Kingdom.

May the Lord bless and keep you in holiness, without which no one will see the Lord!

Watching and praying in our Messiah,

Maurice Sklar



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