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The Harlot
Maurice Sklar

Nov 25, 2008

This teaching is Part 2 of my teaching Lady Wisdom

As I continued reading in Proverbs, another vision unfolded before me. I saw a large shopping center. It reminded me of the Galleria Shopping Center in Houston, Texas that I enjoyed going to when I was a teenager, but it was much more posh. It had four or five levels with stores on each side. These “stores” had everything in them that was pleasant, desirable, delicious, luxurious, and beautiful to the senses. In front of each of these, there stood the most beautiful women that I had ever seen. They were physically perfect. Each one looked like a model. Not one was like the other. As I looked further, I noticed that some of the shops had men in front of them instead of women. They were also so captivating that I somehow knew that they would be impossible for women to resist. Some were obviously homosexual and there were more “stores” with every kind of perversion on the lower levels. But, it all seemed so natural and even acceptable. Everything was so clean that the chrome sparkled on top of the glass walkways, and the floors were perfectly polished granite and marble. There was a sickly-sweet music coming from the small speakers in the ceiling.

I looked up and saw a sign in gold leaf letters above the whole “shopping mall”. It read:

“Come to me, and satisfy your every desire! Live for the moment! Pleasure, Power, Fame, Wealth and Luxury are mine! Bow in worship before me, and all will be yours! Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you shall DIE!”

Then, as I looked down the long atrium of the shopping center, it seemed like it opened for “business”. I saw many of God’s children enter the grand entrance. Hundreds and hundreds of them entered the mall. Most were lit with heaven’s light. Many were shining brightly and lit with the fire of heaven. Some had come directly from their churches where they worshiped the Lord. Then as I watched, they went into the various stores and then exited shortly after. The more shops that they went into, the less were they lit with God’s light and glory. Finally, at the end of the day, God’s children finally left the mall. As they did, I noticed that none carried the light of heaven. Instead, the strange fires of idolatry lit their lamps instead. They were lit in different colors – some were blue, orange, green, red, and yellow. Some, were completely in darkness and left the mall in chains. I knew that they had died in there. Then I saw those souls that were black leave the mall in chains and fall into the fires of hell. They were all chained together like a prison work gang screaming in agony and despair:

“Why didn’t we listen to Lady Wisdom warning us to stay away from the Harlot? It’s too late now!! We can’t get out! We can’t get back! NO HOPE NOW! NO HOPE! NO HOPE FOREVER! WE ARE DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!”

Then, I suddenly was in front of one of the stores. There was a bright neon sign above it that said:

“No Strings attached! Come and Lie with me in Ecstasy!”

As I entered under the flashing neon sign, the small foyer seemed to disappear. Instead, I saw a large room appointed with every kind of luxury. It looked like the presidential suite at the Waldorf Astoria or the Four Seasons Hotel. There were plush high back chairs in front of a roaring fireplace on the right. There were large pillows positioned around it on the floor. On the left was a large bathroom. It was bigger than any bathroom I had ever seen. It had a huge marble tub with large columns on the four sides of it. All of it was trimmed in gold filigree. It was breathtaking. I stood in amazement as I look at it for a long while. Never had I seen such luxury.

As I returned and walked into the bedroom part of the suite, I looked and saw a massive bed. All around it were candles lit. The bed was elevated on a round platform. It had four huge ivory columns on each corner on top of a huge mahogany head and footboard that was filled with carvings. It had the most beautiful silk and embroidered bedspread, monogrammed pillows and sheets. There were the most beautiful curtains on the walls and erotic statues were in the room of nude women. They seemed so life-like that it looked like they could come alive at any moment. The whole room was filled with so much lust that it was intoxicating. I was so overcome that I just fell into one of the large chairs next to a sofa. I had never felt so comfortable, yet at the same time, I was sick to my stomach. I knew that something was terribly wrong. Though I was amazed at the surroundings, my spirit was grieved and I felt like this was in a prison somehow.

Then, I looked up towards the entrance and the double doors with golden doorknob fixtures opened, and a beautiful woman entered the room. I just stared at her transfixed. I had never seen such perfection. She was wearing a floor-length green gown made out of some kind of shimmering silk. Then she came and sat down next to me in the other high backed chair next to the fireplace. Her eyes never left me, except when she would slowly close them and open them and purse her lips. My inner man recoiled in loathing.

On the coffee table in front of the fire, there was a golden pitcher with two crystal goblets on each side.

She said: “I’ve been waiting for you. I want you the most of anyone I have ever had in here! Do you like what I have prepared? Stolen waters are sweet, you know. My bread eaten in secret is pleasant. I know how to please you like no other woman ever has…Just relax now…Drink of my wine, my darling! You’ll feel so much better.”

As she poured it for me, I just knew that, if I drank it, I couldn’t resist her. Still, my hands seemed to go for the magnificent goblet in her hands. It took all I had to stop from taking it from her hands. I cried out, “Jesus! HELP ME!” Immediately, she put the cup down, and said:

“Well, the night is young. We can always enjoy this later, you and I.”

I had my head down. I was afraid to look at her, because I was about to be overcome. I fell on my knees and began to cry out to the Lord for strength. It was too much for my flesh. I knew that if I looked into her eyes one more time, I would succumb to her seductions. If I hadn’t just been with Lady Wisdom and ate and drank at her table, I am certain that I would not have been able to resist even for a moment.

When I cried out to the Lord on my knees. The woman shuddered and quickly got up off the chair and backed away from me towards the bathroom. Suddenly, I was in a black silk bathrobe standing at the entrance of the palatial bathroom. The woman was in the huge tub. It was so large that it looked like a small pool. There were bubbles all around her and rose petals floating on the service of the water. She said:

“Don’t you want to come in? The water is just right. Don’t you deserve to have some pleasure after all that you have been through? No one will ever find out… After all, God says He will always forgive you. How could this be so wrong, when if feels SO GOOD!!”

I began to walked towards the tub like a man in a trance. I got about ten feet away and stopped. She had now sat up in the tub and reached out her hands toward me. I gazed on her body like I was in a trance.

I shuddered as I felt some kind of snakes wrap themselves around my feet and start to drag me. Once again, I started crying out at the top of my lungs, “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS HELP! HELP! HELP ME!

Then, I stopped in front of her about eight feet away from the tub. This “perfect” woman seemed to melt in front of me. What I then saw was the most hideous sight! I saw a demon manifest in front of me in that tub. The tub suddenly became a pit of fire and I saw hundreds of snakes and worms crawling in and out of the tub. Many had coiled around me and were biting me as they dragged me towards that pit of fire filled with brimstone. The demon had huge claws and razor sharp teeth and fangs. Those beautiful blue eyes of the woman were now red and full of hate, blood thirst and murder. It was worse than any horror movie could possibly be! I screamed out in pain from the snake bites and worms as they were beginning to eat me alive. “HELP ME JESSSUUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly I wasn’t there anymore. I was back in that bedroom suite again. At first, I was so relieved to be out of that agony from the snakes, that I just lied back in the bed. Then I realized that I was in that bed I saw. I now was clothed in cream-colored silk pajamas. It was the most comfortable bed I had ever laid in. Everything was perfect. I heard music from a Schubert string quartet in the background. It was wonderful. I slept for I don’t know how long and awakened some time later.

By this time, I knew that I was in a vision, but it was so real that it seemed like I was actually living this. Then the woman came towards me at the foot of the bed. But, I remembered the tub and what had happened, and I knew that this somehow was not real but a temptation. But, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. As she came toward me, I closed my eyes and screamed out at the top of my lungs, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS – HELP! HELP! HELP!!!! I kept screaming the name of Jesus. Finally, that woman backed away from me. Although, she got as close as she could, I knew that she was not allowed to touch me unless I yielded and said “yes” to her.

It wasn’t me resisting. I had given in long before, I thought. It was simply too much. BUT, The Lord rose up in me and rebuked this woman. I heard myself saying:

“It is written, Thou shalt NOT commit adultery. Thou shalt NOT have any gods before Me. Drink water from your own cistern and running waters from your own well. Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul. The Lord rebukes you, Satan. In the name of Jesus, depart from me, you angel of light and seduce me no more!”

I am certain that I would have immediately given in to these temptations had not the Lord prepared me by first going to Lady Wisdom’s house and eaten at her table. Her food and drink were still in me and I found the strength to resist. But I learned from this how GOOD Satan can make sin look. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word that we can overcome the wiles and seductions of the Harlot.

As soon as the Lord rose up in me and I spoke those words, once again, everything changed. The lovely vision of the bed and the perfect woman disappeared and that hideous demonic creature once again manifested in front of me. Instead of the bed of luxury in that palatial suite, I seemed to be on a platform, flat on my back and chained to a black stone-like slab. All around me were the eyes of demons. I heard shrieking and screaming of the tormented souls of the damned. I knew that I was in hell.

That demon creature who once seemed to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen was trying to get to me and devour me. It smelled so horrible in that cavern. I couldn’t breathe. There was an invisible bubble around me, it seemed, and the demons could not penetrate it. Nevertheless, I was still chained to this slab that had once been a bed. Then, I heard a Voice, and it was so loud that it echoed throughout that cavern of hell:

“Let him go. He is Mine. I am His Father and he is My son.”

Then, suddenly, I was back in my room once again with my Bible open to the book of Proverbs. I was traumatized and shook with fear and cried for several days after this. A few days later, I finally finished my seeking time of reading through the book of Proverbs fifty times. I was never the same after that. I learned that the Greater One – greater than sin – lives within me. I am thankful that God’s grace not only saved me, but that it KEEPS me every day and night, moment by moment. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. We do NOT have to sin. We can stay on the pathway of life and wisdom.

Thanks be to God our Abba Father of the Messiah Yeshua Who conquered sin and death. He forever destroyed the power of that Harlot on the cross and in hell for us all!!

Let us abide daliy and feed at Wisdom’s bountiful table so we may have the strength to overcome the Harlot’s seductions in this midnight hour. Beware of her witchcraft and seductions.

May the Lord preserve you and keep in purity and holiness so you may be ready when the Bridegroom appears!

STAY AWAY from the Harlot’s house! It is the way to Hell.

Yeshua our Messiah is coming very soon!

Love in Him,

Maurice Sklar


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