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The Restrainer

July 13, 2010

“ And now you know WHAT IS RESTRAINING him (from being revealed at this time) {the anti-christ}; it is so that he may be manifested (revealed) in his own (appointed time). For the mystery of lawlessness (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world, (BUT IS) RESTRAINED ONLY UNTIL HE (OR THAT) WHICH RESTRAINS IS TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY. And then the lawless one (the anti-christ) will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of His mouth and bring him to an end by His appearing at His coming.” (2 Thessalonians 2:6- 8) Amplified Bible
I always thought that it was the Holy Spirit that was restraining the evil in the earth and keeping the anti-Messiah – that wicked world dictator that will be empowered by Satan during the last seven years – from taking over everything. But, the Lord corrected me and said to me:

“If I took My Spirit out of the earth, then no one would be able to come to Me in the last time. But many millions of souls will cry out to me and be saved during the final seven years. But they will pay with their lives for their faith in Me. No one can come to Me unless the Holy Spirit draws them. No! It is not My Spirit that will be taken out of the earth. It is My Bride that will be taken out of the earth. Who is My Bride? It is only those that choose to love Me, walk with Me, obey Me, serve Me, and choose Me over all else right now. It is those that choose to be overcomers and will endure to the end. It is the prayers and the intercession of My Bride that is holding back the flood of evil and judgment soon to come upon the whole earth. It is to allow My grace to continue to reach out to the lost and the backslidden church just a little bit longer. It is not My will that any perish in hell.

“I am now at the door! All is now ready! I am ready to come for My beautiful Bride! How I long for her! But, only the Father knows the precise day and hour of My appearing. First I must APPEAR to take My Bride away. Then, I must RETURN to this earth as KING OF KINGS. She will return with me. Time has run out. There will be no stopping the judgments much longer from coming like birth pangs upon the earth.

“Nevertheless, tell My Bride that I have heard her cries, her prayers, and her intercession. I have seen her tears. It has restrained much that would have already happened. My grace is abundant in this final hour! How I weep for those that refuse to repent and come to Me now! My heart is broken for them, for I know the terrible evils coming upon them. Satan is now gathering his full armies to devour and destroy the nations of the earth. Only you, My precious Bride, are holding him back through your prayers…for this I am pleased.
“Stay with Me in the place of prayer now! Nothing else matters. Take up the mantle of intercession and prayer as never before. Pray in the supernatural languages I have given you through the Holy Spirit and let ME pray through you. This is your highest calling! I am sweeping through this earth in a final call of revival that will rapidly end the time of grace to the nations. Do not waste the precious time I have given you. You can never recover it again in the eternities to come! Great is the reward for those that take hold of the horns of the altar and go to war to restrain the evil storm clouds on the horizon. Many millions of souls are at stake, even now, My Beloved!

“The lines have been already drawn. I know who are Mine and who are not. All of heaven is now ready for the greatest party and celebration that has ever been in the eternities past! There is no more preparation for the Wedding Supper any longer. It is DONE! I am waiting to appear in the air to catch and take My Bride home. What a Wedding Day it will BE! But, Beloved, YOU must prepare yourself so that you can hear the call of the shofar. Many will not hear because they have lost their bridal veils and their crowns. Hold fast what I have given you. Do not let Satan steal your heart from Me.
“These are events that will soon come that will signal your departure from this earth, My Beloved:
“I am taking Billy Graham home.

“War will soon erupt upon and all around Israel. She will be wounded, but not destroyed. But, all around her, whoever has cursed her from the house of Esau will be destroyed. Lebanon, Syria, Iran and others nations that have poked Me in the eye will experience the wrath of nuclear fire and destruction.

“If the President your nation has elected does not repent and change, I will continue to judge the United States concerning the attempts he has made to give up and divide My land and force Israel to divide Jerusalem. If He continues, I will divide America right down the middle. If he continues to put economic pressure on Israel, I will further collapse the economy of America. If he keeps encouraging and allowing terrorism to flourish, I will allow terrorism to destroy and wreak havoc in America. It is one hundred to one: I will see to it that one hundred times more comes upon America for what Israel experiences in this realm. I will judge America a thousand to one concerning any land that is taken from Israel and Jerusalem, just as it happened when you forced My people from their homes in Gaza and I responded with Hurricane Katrina. For every settler that has been or will be forced from their homes in Judea and Samaria, I will require one thousand homes in America to lose their homes. Since you forced Israel to “freeze” construction of homes, you housing markets have been “frozen” to the same degree – only a thousand homes to one.

“Concerning Iran: If America does not join in Israel in a preemptive attack upon Iran and Israel has to go it alone, America will experience nuclear attack through terrorism. You must attack with Israel now, or you will be attacked.

Concerning sexual sin, homosexuality, pornography, abortion , molestation of children, and witchcraft in America: I will tolerate it no longer. A new sexually transmitted and incurable disease will bring rapid and painful death to many. It is coming. There will be no cure.Those that promote and murder children, I will see to it that YOUR children are murdered. Those that abuse and molest My children, I will see to it that YOUR children suffer the same for all of eternity. They will be chained to you forever as you burn in the hottest fires of hell. You will burn together. Those that have performed the murder of My children through abortion and have supported these murders of innocent blood, you will experience the very same tortures that you inflicted upon them. It will never stop for all of eternity. Forever you will be tortured if you do not repent and turn to Me and cry out for mercy. It is only My blood that can cleanse and remove these horrible sins. Those that have enslaved the souls of children through witchcraft, sorcery, Satanic worship and sacrifice, and the occult: You will be tormented the worst of all. Forever you shall be chained to those you enslaved as you are tormented by Satan himself. I warn you: do NOT participate in these things for it will damn you souls!

“Concerning genetic manipulation and mind control though technology: This brings My wrath upon those that try to mix what I have not allowed. But, soon when the Tribulation begins, this will sweep through the earth and eternally enslave all who worship the Beast, as it is written in My Word. Those who develop and participate in this now will lose their minds in torment forever in hell. To the degree they participate in enslaving and creating mutations that I have forbidden, to that degree, they shall be mutated and tortured forever and ever.

“I will NOT allow these things to continue much longer without judging and destroying those that continue in lawlessness and sin. I am a HOLY GOD and I have reserved the cup of wrath for those that hate Me and will not forake evil and sin. I am weary of holding back any longer! I WILL do exactly as it is written in My Holy Word.

“Oh earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the LORD: Repent and forsake these abominations! Before it is too late, turn to Me or you will perish!

My Beloved Bride, I am pouring out a fresh anointing of fire and protection upon you. Do not fear the things that are coming upon this earth. Soon and very soon you shall be with Me!”

May the Lord continue to help us to hear and obey!

As given by the Holy Spirit to:

Maurice Sklar


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