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Visions from the Dallas, TX Revival (May-June, 1985)

Dear Friends,

These are the visions I received from the Holy Spirit during the Dallas, TXrevival in the summer of 1985.   

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Over twenty years ago, I attended a revival meeting in Dallas, Texas and during that meeting in May - June of 1985 the Lord touched my life in a powerful way during several days while I was sitting in the Days Inn motel room.  I had a visitation from the Holy Spirit that included visions about God’s judgment uponAmerica, the nations of the world,Babylon, the ministry of Elijah, and the preparation of the Bride of Our Messiah, Yeshua. I would like to share these now with the Body of Messiah, for God has finally released me to do so at this time.

In the first vision, I saw the earth from outer space. As I watched, I began to see what looked light neon lights began to appear in hexagon patterns.  It started from the North American continent and then spread out to Europe and then around the world.  The closest way I can describe it is that it looked like white laser lights that were traced in approximately 100 mile-wide hexagon patterns around the entire earth like an electronic or laser spider web.  When the lights finally stopped tracing around the earth, it looked like the earth was wrapped in an electronic grid like a geodesic dome, similar to the white globe that is at the Epcot Center inDisneyworld, only it was not solid. You could see the earth underneath it, with its’ blue oceans and clouds and atmosphere.

The Lord then said to me, “This is what is shortly to take place.  There is an electronic web that will encircle the earth like this. It will unite the whole world under the antichrist system of the end-time Babylon. At first it will bring great blessings and prosperity.  It will seem like everyone is coming together and a new age is dawning for mankind.”  I looked again, and I saw the earth from space with this electronic web around it once more. But then, I saw the continent of Europe. The hexagons from each nation began to grow dark and became opaque.  It looked like black smoke rose up and one after another, each hexagon began to go smoky gray and then black. After a few seconds, I could no longer see Europe at all.  Then this began to spread rapidly across into Asia, and Africa. Finally,Australia, China and even Americawere completely blotted out. I could only see the oceans. Then the islands of the seas became black. Finally, the entire earth was in darkness – even the blue oceans disappeared.  I felt such evil and hopelessness.  I heard the cries of millions of souls on earth that were trapped in darkness.

Then the Lord spoke again and said, “Do you see this?  Do you know what this is?”  I replied, “No, Lord.”  He said, “This is the fullness of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  This is what Adam chose for all of mankind in the garden of Eden instead of union and life with Me. They could have had eaten from the tree of life instead, and this never would have happened. ” 

I was so confused. I really didn’t understand at the time.  You have to remember, the “world wide web” of the internet was just in its’ infancy back in 1985. Only a few thousand computer geeks were “online”.  I couldn’t imagine the world as it is now back then. The PC had just started to enter into the private sector.  Of course, now, looking back, I understand this vision perfectly.  God told Daniel that in the last days knowledge would increase exponentially and many would travel back and forth as never before in the history of mankind.  If there is one thing that marks our generation now, it would be these two things.  Worldwide travel has never been faster or easier and the knowledge of mankind is doubling every few weeks. Like a snowball going down a mountain and getter bigger and bigger as it travels faster and faster, knowledge is exploding like never before.  What knowledge? The knowledge of both good and evil.  It is now wrapped all around mankind like a giant tree with its’ branches going everywhere. We cannot escape from it.

The Vision of the Six Babylons

In the second vision, I saw Americafrom the outer atmosphere. In a spectacular panorama, I sawAmerica in a glorious sweep from coast to coast and from north to south. I felt like I was flying at supersonic speed like a rocket or a missile just several hundred feet above ground.  It was so majestic and beautiful! I saw the big major cities of the east coast with their tall sky scrapers, the mid-west with its’ miles of lush farm land, crossing the mighty Mississippi, and then the great plains and the prairie lands of the west, followed by the awesome Grand Canyon, the majestic mountains of the Rockies, all the way to the west coast, the Golden Gate bridge, followed by a sweep of southern CA, and then to the Pacific ocean all the way from Alaska to Hawaii. Then, suddenly, I saw fire begin to hit in small pockets and different cities, almost like one of those cold-war nuclear war arcade games that came out years ago.  That’s the way it looked to me as I watched. Then I saw more and more explosions. It got bigger and bigger, and then big giant explosions began to happen all at once. They all went up in mushroom clouds.  For what seemed like an eternity, although I knew it was only a few minutes in the vision, I couldn’t see anything but these clouds of dark smoke.  Then it finally cleared.  I was stunned at what I saw!  The entire land of the United States of Americawas burnt and charred.  From one end to the other, there was not one green thing growing. It looked like black,charred, and burnt ruins from sea to shining sea. It was totally wiped out!

The Lord then said to me, “This is the end of Babylon. She shall be utterly consumed with fire.”

I said to the Lord, “Surely, this can’t be America. Why will you allow such a thing?”  He said, “This shall be the end of all nations that forsake Me for the idols of Babylon. They shall be utterly burned with fire.  They shall never be rebuilt again.  Only in the time of My kingdom shall the nations be restored and then I shall create a new heavens and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness. When the time is right, I will allow you to release these visions to warn My people to flee from the wrath to come.”

“My son, there are six different Babylons in the scriptures. (Note: See my teaching “The Wine of Babylon”) If you do not accurately discern which I am speaking of, you will not understand what I revealed to the prophets. There are three literal, historic Babylons and there are three prophetic end time Babylons.  Like King Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of the tree that covers the earth, so shall the entire earth be seduced by evil and deception under Satan’s power before My kingdom is established upon the earth.

The first Babylon is the city that was built and the first tower was erected in the book of Genesis in that ancient city in the plain of Shinar. I judged it and scattered the people by creating many new languages on the face of the earth.  This is the destruction of the tower of Babel.

The second Babylon is the ancientkingdom of Nebudchadnezzar where My people Israel were first sent into exile.  It too was destroyed and will never be rebuilt again, though some have tried.

The third Babylon is the geographic region of modern day Iraq/Iran/Persia. The day will come soon when it too will be completely destroyed by fire and never rebuilt again.

The fourth Babylon is rising now.  I also call it the Kingdom of Tyre by My prophets in the ancient world. It is the end-time worldwide economic system that will enslave the world through commerce, trade, and unjust usury (interest). Money is the God that is chosen instead of Me and shall enslave all that will not bow their knee at My cross and surrender all for My Lordship and My kingdom.

The fifth Babylon is called “Mystery Babylon”. It is the deception of all false religions that will ultimately ensnare all under the spirit of antichrist who forsake Me. The foundations of Mystery Babylon started in the ancient pagan world, but the foundation built in the church age comes out of the replacement theology of the Roman church. It is ultimately the knowledge of the spiritual GOOD in man that shall be the ultimate deception.  Man’s good works apart from Me shall never pay the price of the redemption of a soul.  Only My blood can do that. 

The sixth Babylon is found in the wealthy nations of the last days that forsake Me and turn to idols.  It is all the geographic regions of those that are made rich through the economic system of these times. They are found in the islands of the sea, in the havens of great wealth and nations where these resources are stored.  When My people are finally removed from these nations and islands, my judgment of fire shall consume them.  Do not think that America shall be spared, for she has turned away from Me.

A part of this sixth Babylon is a city.  It is described in the book of Revelation as the worldwide center for finances, trade, commerce, art, music and every fine and desirable thing of mankind. It is the new covenant city of Tyre. Mammon is its’ God.  Satan’s economic throne is there. His pagan throne of human sacrifice is found in Calcutta, India. His false religious throne is built upon the seven hills of the Vatican inRome. But the great city Babylon isNew York City. Its god is money and riches. It shall be destroyed in one hour after My people – both Jewish and in the church - shall be removed out of her. What city is like THIS city? It also shall be burned with fire and never be rebuilt again.  Americawill also be completely destroyed by fire, if it does not repent and turn back to Me, as I showed you in this vision

Visions of the End Time Ministry of Elijah

Then I saw a vision of the prophet Elijah. I saw his whole ministry flash in front of Me like a very fast film. Then I saw him anoint Elisha with a double portion and I watched all the miracles take place in Elisha’s ministry.  Then suddenly, also in a very fast panoramic way, I saw John the Baptist’s ministry and heard his bold preaching in the wilderness.  Then I saw Yeshua come to him and receive the miracle mantle from John the Baptist when the Holy Spirit came upon Him. Then I saw a very quick succession of those from the early church that carried this same mantle, only much smaller. I saw miracle ministries of many “saints” and holy men and women in the middle ages.  I saw revival fires start first in Italy and then inFrance.  Then they started inEngland, followed by eastern Europe and then I saw all of Germany lit from north to south with many fires during Luther’s reformation.  This then swept throughout all of Europeand then was carried by ship into many nations.  Then America was lit with this same glorious fire and blazed brightly for some time.  Then I saw what I knew to be the Pentacostal outpouring and it hit inCalifornia and quickly spread thoughout the world.  Then I heard a voice say, “This is the beginning of the latter rain that shall bring in the harvest of the nations.  It shall last one hundred years.  My glory shall cover the earth like the waters cover the sea. Many shall taste and see that I am good. They shall know My grace and blessings.”

Then suddenly, I saw one man with grey hair and a beard. He was on a ship going from England to America. I saw an angel come with a huge mantle and it came upon his shoulders. I heard a voice saying, “This is the mantle of Elijah for the harvest of the nations.” Then I saw this man preaching in the mid west in America in a large city and then in a smaller city.  Miracles and healings burst forth from him. Then I heard him say, “The Lord has told me that I am Elijah to come”. After that, I saw a darkness overtake this man and soon that glorious light that was in him went out. Then I saw two angels come and remove that huge mantle and robe off of this man.

Then I saw a man on his knees crying out in despair. He was poor and was freezing in a little house and it was snowing like a blizzard outside. His wood stove finally went out and he huddled under a blanket trying to keep warm. Then I saw this same man standing at a grave site where I somehow knew that his wife and children were buried. He was crying until he couldn’t cry anymore.  Then I saw that same man get up and start to preach in what looked like a small country church that was red brick.  Then I saw him kneeling again in prayer in front of a large oak tree praying and he said, “Lord I give you my life. Do whatever you want with me.”  Then I saw two angels come with that same huge mantle that was on that other man with the long cape.  I knew that it was this same mantle of Elijah.  They put it on him and he wept and wept. One of the angels said, “I will stay with him so that he can carry this. It is too heavy for him alone.”  Then I saw this man suddenly light up like a flare and burn so brightly that wherever he went from then on throughout the earth, revival started everywhere. It came out of his mouth and just set everyone on fire.  Then I saw this man one day say, “The Lord has told me that I am Elijah to come.  I must now teach all that I know.” He opened his bible and as he did, I saw a snake rise up out of it.  It looked like a green cobra. It began to speak instead of him.  At first, it only appeared for a little while and would disappear. But then, it grew larger and larger and coiled around him. I could no longer see the blazing flare-like torch that he carried.  I couldn’t even see the beautiful mantle on him.  The angel could no longer stay, so another angel appeared and they lifted that mantle off of him and ascended into the sky. 

Then I saw that electronic web again covering the earth like in the first vision.  I heard a voice say, “Who will go for me to prepare the way for My coming?”  Then I saw a number of young men and women who began to cry out in prayer.  Then I saw hundreds of angels coming to the earth with mantles very similar to the one on the two men. They began to multiply until there were thousands of men and women clothed with these.  They were lit up like small stars, they shone so brightly.  Then I saw the earth begin to light up wherever they went like a Christmas tree.

Then I heard a voice say, “I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord. This is the fullness of the prophet’s ministry for the last days. It shall surely come.”

Then I saw a refining fire begin in both the church, in the Jewish people and in the nation of Israel. I saw a bride coming down the center of a church and I heard a voice say, “My bride has made herself ready.  I am now coming for her to take her away.  Come away, By Beloved.” Then I saw the earth again and I saw these same mantles falling back into the earth being carried by hundreds and thousands of angels.  They fell upon many Jewish people and I saw them going forth and prophesying very boldly.  Fire came out of their mouths and then I saw terrible destruction, plagues and earthquakes and famines and even more nuclear bombs going off.  I saw the sun grow red from the pollution and radiation from the atmosphere.  Then I saw all the mantles converging upon the nation of Israel from every corner of the earth. Suddenly they all came together in Jerusalem and came back into that same huge mantle that was there at the first.

I then saw a fiery red chariot come into the earth and descend uponJerusalem. Elijah got out of it and I heard his booming voice say, “Prepare to meet thy God O earth, earth, earth! Woe unto you, for destruction is come upon you.” As he was saying this, that mantle came back upon him and he stood under it once again as he had done in the Bible. Everywhere he turned, fire came out of his mouth and destroyed the earth in twelve directions as it went through the twelve gates and out into the world. Then after this, I heard him say, “I am now finished with the work that I was ordained to do. Take me home, O Lord of hosts!”  Then he was suddenly killed and fell down on the ground, where he remained for three days as the whole world watched in glee and awe. Then, he suddenly came to life again and stood up on his feet, and that fiery chariot came and he got into it and ascended into the sky.

I did not know the bible as well in those days as I do now.  I was very confused about these visions and they were very troubling to me.  But the Lord said to me, “This shall be sealed into your spirit until the appointed time.  Then you shall release its message for all who will hear. Some will hear, many will not. You will be a part of many hundreds of prophets that I have set apart for the final hour to prepare the way for My coming. Those that have ears to hear will receive and My Bride will surely make herself ready. She must receive the refining fire of Elijah and her beautiful garments. She shall be without spot or wrinkle and be adorned with her wedding garments and glorious jewels from heaven.  For her wedding day is soon upon her.” 

Then I saw an old fashioned oil lamp that was lit with a flame coming out of the top of it.  Then it suddenly became ten lamps that were lined up side by side.  The five on the left of me suddenly started to flicker. The flame got smaller and smaller until finally it just fizzled and went out.  But the lamps on the other side were fed by a lampstand that they were connected to that was previously hid in the darkness. They just burned brighter and brighter until finally I heard these words, “Come up here and escape the wrath to come, for you are found worthy.  Behold, the bridegroom comes!”  Then they all disappeared.

The Lord then said to me, “Half of those that say they know me in the time of the end are liars. They have never been lit with the fire from heaven.  They are burning with the strange fires of Mystery Babylon. They only pretend to know Me. Their lamp shall be put out in outer darkness and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. But those who are Mine shall shine forever and burn with the brightness of my glory as the stars. For they are lit from My throne and fed with my oil and shall never go out.  These are My precious ones – My glorious Bride who shall always be true and faithful to Me. It is for her that I died and rose again.  It is for her that I am returning in the midnight hour. Tell her that I have not forgotten her!  She is My beloved and I am hers! I love her with an everlasting love. I shall surely catch her up to My throne where she will rule and reign with Me in glory forever and ever at My right hand. Amen.”

This is the account of the visions and visitation that I received in Dallas,Texas in the revival meetings during May and June of 1985, as best as I could write it.  It is only now that I can share the fullness of those experiences because I have been released to do so by the Holy Spirit.  May He add His blessing and anointing of fire to these words. 

May you be found among His faithful, wise virgins when He appears in the midnight hour.  May your lamp be shining brightly, being lit with the oil of the double portion of Elijah.

Shalom and God bless you now, Beloved!

Maurice Sklar

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